Instructor Gustavo Aja

Date:   16-10-1970

Nacionality:   Argentinian Spanish

Profession:  Wu-Shu  Monitor

                   Singer - designer

web:   www.mingdaokungfu.com


“Together with a group of Instructors of my school, I decided to generate a place for the development of activities in a natural and balanced environment. We wanted to give an opportunity to people who seek to realize any kind of projects to help them do it and simultaneously find a lifestyle based on their self-improvement.”


He studied several years of Architecture at the National University of Cordoba. This gave him the needed tools to do graphic and web design. He also studied 15 years of singing and developing musical projects. He has also worked as coordinator, director and executive in several companies, mainly dedicated to services and design, both in Argentine and in Spain.


He has been training Kung-Fu since he was 13 and has lead several Kung-Fu schools in Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Madrid and Benidorm.


Instructora Cristina Martínez Arias

Date:   03-02-1989

Nacionality:   Spanish


Profession:   Arquitect

                     Wu-Shu Monitor

“Design is the expression of a way of seeing the world. It is a language that is born from a certain look that is able to explain and solve problems that nothing else can.”


She studied architecture at the ETSAM, at the UPM in Madrid. She has worked in several architecture studies: FDCA study, Izaskun Chinchilla Architects study and in CODE interior study. She currently combines her work as an architect with her doctoral studies at the ETSAM on deformable structures and advanced geometries.


She has been practicing Kung Fu for more than five years and is interested not only in architecture but also in art in general.



Instructor Alejandro Hernández Rosas

Date:   1984

Nacionality:   Spanish

Profession:  Wu-Shu  Monitor

                   Leisure and free time monitor

Web: www.fuentealberche.es


“My experience has taught me the benefits that physical activities and creative workshops made in a natural, peaceful and healthy environment can bring to people”.


For more than five years, he has directed and organized youth camps in “Fuente Alberche Farm-School”, which he currently manages and runs.


He is a Kung-Fu Instructor with 10 years of practice in the Martial Art. For more than two years, he gave Kung-Fu lessons to groups of children.



Instructor Borja Fernández Gramage

Date:   13-03-1995

Nacionality:   Spanish


Profession:  Wu-Shu Monitor

                   Fine arts student


 “I believe in this project because I think it is beautiful to build a healthy and natural place where support positive activities that help people to feel good and to improve.”


He studied a year of Humanities at the Carlos III University in Madrid. He has studied painting for three years at La Mina School and he is currently studying Fine Arts at The Complutense University of Madrid and at the Miguel Hernández University in Altea. He has also taken courses in Photoshop and Illustrator and a course in professional lighting with Professor Nacho Sarraís.


He has been practicing Kung-Fu for eight years. He holds the title of the RFSS in Rescue and First Aids.



Instructor Pablo Merino Alonso

Date:   18-08-1991

Nacionality:   Spanish


Profession:  Wu-Shu Monitor

                   Marine engineer


“To understand something, on the most essential details, means to make it your own. I am interested in the learning process, in what happens inside our head when we understand something new.”


He studied Marine and Oceanic Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid and completed a master’s degree in mathematical modeling and simulation at the ENSTA in Paris. He worked as a research fellow at the “Center for Hydrodynamic and Naval Studies in Madrid and at the Unit for Applied Mathematics in Paris. He is currently working at the University of Alicante in the development of the future ESA’s “Athena” telescope’s simulator.


He has been practicing Kung Fu for more than five years.

Instructor Héctor Hernández Rosas

Date:   1988

Nacionality:   Spanish

Profession:   Wu-Shu  Monitor

                    Licensed in Fine arts

Web:   www.hectorhernandez.net/index.html

Licensed in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. He studied a master in “Research in Art” and completed the course “Creativity and Strategies in Contemporary Photography”, given by Javier Vallhonrat. He has received scholarships for stays in Madrid (Casa Velázquez, Académie de France), in Holland (Are Holland) and in Norway (Leveld Kunstnartum). His work has been shown in more than ten exhibitions all over Europe and he has been finalist in the contest “Luminico” in Mexico.


He is Kung-Fu Instructor with ten years of practice in the Martial Art. He has directed the branch of the Ming Dao School in Madrid.



Instructor Alejandro Pérez Pablo

Date:   23-06-1991

Nacionality:   Spanish


Profession:  Wu-Shu Monitor

                   Agronomic engineer


“Ten years ago I started training  Kung-Fu. I now continue training with the desire to learn and to improve myself. I studied agronomic engineering because I want to professionally develop in an environment surrounded by nature”.


He studied agronomical engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He has specialized in crop production and pest control. During the university period he got involved in student’s associations organizing talks and coordinating dissemination activities.


He has been practicing Kunf-Fu for ten years. He is very interested in History and sports in nature: he loves travelling by bike.

Instructor Morenza Puerta

Date:   30-05-1976

Nacionality:   Spanish

Profession:   Wu-Shu Monitor


Web:   diario el pais

“I always wished to help this society. Fortunately I found tools like Kung-Fu or animals that allow me to become a better person. Furthermore, during my years dedicated to theater I learned about human behavior”.


He studied “Dramatic Art” at the Professional School of the actor “Juan Carlos Corazza”. He holds the tittle of “Superior Technician in Realization of Audiovisual and Shows” in Madrid C.E.V. He has worked as an actor in films, theater and television. Currently, he is a technician in animal-assisted therapy using dogs. He develops support programs in hospitals with good medical results.


He has been practicing Kung-Fu for ten years and has been leading the branch of the Ming Dao school in Madrid for more than two years.


The atmosphere we create is all-important and it must impregnate from the activities participants do, to the way they interrelate among each other. Everything must be imbued with this lifestyle.



People who come to our Center to carry out their personal projects will have to be adapted to the existing environment and the daily life we will have here. The development of activities will help people to find a deeper sense of learning, beyond the mere knowledge acquisition.




We believe the real sense of learning is not to focus on the information or just on the acquisition of sportive, artistic or intellectual techniques, but to live this learning, to make the knowledge yours, to make it stem from yourself.




01. Respect humans, animals and the environment, understanding that each living thin has a unique pace of development.


02. Discipline: we encourage determination. Everybody must do what it must be done and when it is needed on its own initiative and belief.


03. Desire and will to encounter with oneself and with the surroundings.


04. Collaboration: 4. Cooperation: everybody must collaborate with each other in personal and community development.


05. Connection with nature and creation of a balanced social environment.


06. We foster values such as humility, helping others,  self-sufficiency, being hon-est with oneself and others, perseverance, desire to learn…





01. We are a movement which creates spaces based on certain values. We generate activities that, under the same method and discipline, contribute to the physical, mental and emotional development of people.

02. We promote physical, artistic, ecological, intellectual, recreational, social activities, etc.

03. Our aim is to cultivate a simple and healthy life.

04. We seek balanced and environmental-friendly contact with nature.

05. We do not differentiate between races, genders or political or religious thinking. Neither do we consider ages of human life as sealed or eatableished pe-riods.

06. This preamble provides the basis for  achieving our objective which is to achieve a  balanced lifestyle and the participant’s self-development as well as to make a contribution to the excellence of the activities people come to carry out.



MING DAO KUNG-FU Association


Responsable Gustavo Aja

Contact 00 34 61 77 32 474



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