La Cementera

We want to create a sports, socio-cultural and advanced study Centre in a natural and balanced environment, so people who want to carry out personal projects could do it while finding a way of life  based on continuous personal improvement.


Because of the interest that a project like ours has generated, we were offered an iconic place of the History of Spain: the Benagéber’s abandoned Cement Factory, in Valencia. We have proposed an example of how our ideas could be materialized.


La Cementera

Social Action

  • v   Social Action 

    Because of the development of the activities we will carry out, we will earn significant income that is to be allocated entirely to social activities, construction and services maintenance and care for the employees of the Centre. We will relate to private and public entities and we will offer grants to anybody who is adapted to our objectives so it can work on its personal project.

  • v   Social Objectives

    • To facilitate and provide needed tools to different social groups so they can carry out projects and enjoy the Center facilities in a unique and controlled atmosphere.


    • To be an example of how the humankind can relate both to nature and technology.


    • To build a Center where truly stimulate modern and original projects that help progress and positive shift of society.


    • To create a welfare Center aimed at creation of healthy links that help personal growth.


    • To promote a simple and healthy lifestyle that looks for human harmony on three different levels:

                      1.  Individual: seek for a physical, mental and emotionally balanced personal development

                      2.  Collective: develop the awareness of other beings and enhancement of human relationships

                      3.  Environmentally: seek for the identification of human beings and technology with nature.


  • v   Elderly People

    We will house senior groups and we will invite them to enjoy our spa and special atmosphere, offering them beautiful moments and great experiences in natural areas.


  • v   Students

    We will give grants to the best artistic projects and athletes, we will record musical projects, create an interdisciplinary scientific research centre and give an opportunity to young people demonstrating that they want to work hard in their projects and who need a different environment, method and training to improve themselves and to carry their projects out. All the Cement factory’s resources will be available to the grant holders so that they can fully exploit their projects.

  • v   People with problems

    Our Center atmosphere will be suitable to house people with addition, mild depression or healthy-related problems in need of controlled and natural environments to continue on their road to recovery. Those people will be received as a part of our social action.


  • v   Environment

    This is an important point for us. We will create an exceptional environment to carry out all the proposed activities. A fresh and renewing energy will be perceived in our Center. We want the respectful atmosphere to be felt when people interact with each other, their environment and everything that surrounds them. From the early design stage of the Restoration Project, our objectives have been clear:


    To build an adapted and integrated within the natural environment place

    To combine technology to serve the human needs

    taking advantage of the area's natural feed.


    But that is not enough. People who live there, the ones that lead the Center, will have to live (and we are already doing so) with the values that have prompted us to build the Center.

La Cementera



Repairing what exists to bring it back to life.

La Cementera

The restoration


Before and after

Entrance Spa Silo-Aparts Multipurpose building Recording Studio Events Art Studio Accommodation









La Cementera

Economical development


La Cementera

An Illusion

that can

become true

We know that we must walk a long way to carry out our project, we have asked for permission to the City Council of Benagéber and we have carried out an exhaustive study of all the architectural, sociological and environmental details to formulate our proposal.


The Cement Factory of Benagéber is waiting unchangeable to be returned to life and we want to do it.


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