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A center to promote sport as a tool for aiding in health prevention, self-development and rehabilitation, and moreover, as a tool for improving discipline, self-confidence and decision-making. The labor scheme is based on the principles of traditional martial arts. In a nutshell, our goal is to improve a balance life promoting the development of a healthy body and mind.

Chinese traditional martial arts

        o Practice and tactics for combat.

        o Learning Lee Chan Kon style.

        o Chinese wrestling.

        o Traditional Acrobatics.

        o Traditional Chang Chuen.

        o Breathing Exercises.

Strength training

        o Mobility exercises.

        o Functional training.

        o Stretching and flexibility.

        o Swimming.

Physical activities Center


Sports in nature and adventure.

(Courses and expert level monitors).

        o Hiking.

        o Rapell.

        o Climbing.

        o Rafting.

        o Canoeing.



A center to promote art disciplines as a tool for improving observation, memory and cognitive problem solving skills and for stress reduction.

Visual Arts. Fine Arts

        o Drawing

        o Painting

        o Sculpture

        o Video

        o Photography

        o Land art

        o Ephemeral and nature art

Scenic arts

        o Theatre

        o Dance




        o Musical productions

        o Musical studies center

        o Multi-media recording



Social support center aimed at overcoming difficult situations and creating healthy links helping people through personal growth.

Help in overcoming addictions.

Center support for new initiatives.

Therapies with animals.

Clinic. massage.


Business help

          o EcoWorking

          o TeamBuilding

          o Live Style



The complex will provide facilities to enjoy outdoor countryside activities and it will be available for accommodating vacation groups.

Artistic happenings

       o Theatre.

       o Cinema.

       o Music shows.

Activities and excursions

       o Hiking.

       o Rapell.

       o Climbing.

       o Rafting.

       o Canoeing.

       o Camps


The center will establish Scholarship programs and partnerships with universities, schools and public and private entities of different nature.

Complementary studies.

Courses and seminars organization.

Practices and project development.




The complex will be designed as a balanced space, based on the respect for nature and capable of communicate its rhythm and content  to visitors. Built with natural and recycled materials, it will provide electricity and potable water.


It will also incorporate among its facilities the wastewater treatment and the sustainable production of food. We look for an innovative, zero-wasting architecture, which maintains the premises of the new " green building “ conception and inspires the union between human and nature, between the environment and the construction.

All buildings will be sober, without luxury, emphasizing the natural space , which will be enhanced through the construction of roads and viewpoints.


Planned installations


      Pavilion for sport activities.


      Art studio

      Recording studio

      Exhibition and multipurpose halls.


      Forest guardhouse.

      Nursing - treatment room.

      Viewpoints and outdoor places.

      Rooms, locker rooms and showers

      Common dining room and kitchen.

      Gardens and greenhouse.


Centro para la difusión del deporte como método de prevención, desarrollo y rehabilitación de la salud y de ayuda a la mejora del carácter y a la disciplina y toma de decisiones.



Our goal is to improve people’s quality of life by promoting a life in nature. The center is conceived as a self-sufficient agricultural project, respectful and integrated in the environment. The activities will be conceived to raise awareness of natural environment.

        Forest alive

              o Botanic route:  learning about the flora of the area.

              o Getting forest's resources.

              o Forest care.

              o Animal spotting.


         Agricultural activities

              o Summer garden and fruit trees care.

              o Winter Garden: greenhouse.

              o Crop Knowledge:  knowing where our food comes from.

              o Apiculture.

              o Henhouse and farm.

              o Making Compost.


              o Development of minimum and urban gardens.

              o Organic nutrition.

              o Natural remedies.

              o Making tinned food, cheeses and breads.

              o Obtaining natural fragrances and soaps.

              o Esparto and cattailtraceries.


A center to promote culture as a way to strengthen principles to help people to improve their life-style.

Museum of history and nature of the environment and heritage.

Lectures and conferences.

Temporary exhibitions.

Local participation and open exhibitions.


MING DAO KUNG-FU Association


Responsable Gustavo Aja

Contact 00 34 61 77 32 474



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