Proyecto Ming Dao


The atmosphere we create is all-important and it must impregnate from the activities participants do, to the way they interrelate among each other. Everything must be imbued with this lifestyle.



People who come to our Center to carry out their personal projects will have to be adapted to the existing environment and the daily life we will have here. The development of activities will help people to find a deeper sense of learning, beyond the mere knowledge acquisition.




We believe the real sense of learning is not to focus on the information or just on the acquisition of sportive, artistic or intellectual techniques, but to live this learning, to make the knowledge yours, to make it stem from yourself.




01. Respect humans, animals and the environment, understanding that each living thin has a unique pace of development.


02. Discipline: we encourage determination. Everybody must do what it must be done and when it is needed on its own initiative and belief.


03. Desire and will to encounter with oneself and with the surroundings.


04. Collaboration: 4. Cooperation: everybody must collaborate with each other in personal and community development.


05. Connection with nature and creation of a balanced social environment.


06. We foster values such as humility, helping others,  self-sufficiency, being hon-est with oneself and others, perseverance, desire to learn…





01. We are a movement which creates spaces based on certain values. We generate activities that, under the same method and discipline, contribute to the physical, mental and emotional development of people.

02. We promote physical, artistic, ecological, intellectual, recreational, social activities, etc.

03. Our aim is to cultivate a simple and healthy life.

04. We seek balanced and environmental-friendly contact with nature.

05. We do not differentiate between races, genders or political or religious thinking. Neither do we consider ages of human life as sealed or eatableished pe-riods.

06. This preamble provide the basis for  achieving our objetive which is to achieve a  balanced lifestyle and the participant’s self-development as well as to make a contribution to the excellence of the activities people come to carry out.



MING DAO KUNG-FU Association


Responsable Gustavo Aja

Contact 00 34 61 77 32 474

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